Arriving by air

TAVAS welcomes visiting aircraft and aviators to our Great War Flying Display 2018. Access to the event will be free for all fly-in pilots and their passengers.

However you MUST read and adhere to the following information – even if you have operated into Caboolture in the past, as things will be different over the event weekend. 

ALL attending aircraft must be fitted with a serviceable radio. Due to military and other display aircraft operating within the CTAF, all aircraft must transmit their intentions and follow guidance from UNICOM.

You must also check back on this page for the latest amendments the day before you fly in to Caboolture.
A full NOTAM will be promulgated for each display day.

21st and 22nd April 2018

*** CAUTION ***
Extra traffic will be operating in and around Caboolture Airfield over this weekend.

In addition, there may be up to 12 dedicated flying displays per day, of up to 
12 minutes duration each.

UNICOM service – 125.85 MHz

UNICOM traffic advisory will be operating on 125.85 but this does not absolve you of your CAR requirements to see and avoid all traffic and comply with safe operation. Normal CTAF procedures apply.

Low performance aircraft and Warbird formations may be conducting 500 foot circuits. UNICOM will advise on initial contact.

Runways and movement areas

The longest runway is 30/12 at 1210 metres.

Runway 06/24 has 850m available length – the 600m over-run at the southwestern end is NOT available over the weekend.

All runways are grassed natural surface and are usually firm even after rain. Taxiways and grass apron areas may be soft in places when wet. Slope of strips is less than 1% and all strips and thresholds are clearly marked.

Noise abatement

Low level circuits must not overfly built-up areas. All circuit traffic should avoid the noise sensitive areas shown at right.

Sensitive areas are housing to the west of the highway; east of the field on downwind for RWY 12; and to the south.

These must be avoided whenever possible.

Always plan:

  • a close base when landing on RWY 06
  • turn left before the highway when departing off RWY 24
  • a right hand turn as soon as practical (500'AGL) to avoid housing off RWY 30

Hold for displays

Organised flying routines will happen throughout both days, at each half hour from 9am, and may take up to 15 minutes.

These will be announced on UNICOM and you will need to hold outside 5nm / 3000 feet for the duration of the routine. Where possible, each display will be completed by 15 minutes past the hour or 15 minutes to the hour, leaving two 15 minute windows per hour for all other aircraft movements.

Ground ops – 127.90 MHz

When clear of the active runway, change to ground frequency 127.90 and follow marshalling instructions on the day for aircraft parking.

On start up, call on ground frequency BEFORE taxy and await guidance. Before entering an active runway, you will change back to CTAF 125.85


We ask that all visiting traffic give due consideration to commercial operations on both days of the display weekend.

Resident flying schools and adventure flights will be operating and should be able to do so with minimal delays.

Notification of intent to attend

For planning purposes, especially parking, we need to know how many aircraft to expect. This is vitally important and we appreciate your assistance.

If you think you will be attending, please advise the aircraft type only and which day(s) you plan to attend, by CLICKING HERE to email us. ( info@ )


If you have any questions at all about operating into YCAB over the weekend of the 21st and 22nd April 2018, please click here to email us ( info@ ), provide a phone number, and we will respond as soon as possible.

We look forward to seeing you at this unique event.