Conditions of Entry

For the comfort, safety and enjoyment of all patrons, staff and event participants, the following Conditions of Entry apply to all attendees. Any breach may lead to your removal from the event.
TAVAS reserves the right to refuse or revoke entry privileges at its sole discretion.

1. Entry fees

The following entry fees apply:

• Adult – $30  

• Child (under 16) – FREE 

• Visitors arriving by air – FREE
  If flying in you MUST read this info first.

NOTE: All children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by a ticket-holding Parent/Legal Guardian or Adult at all times.

2. What to bring

We recommend you bring your own hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, and comfortable (ideally enclosed) footwear.

Commercial food vendors will be on site to provide a variety of food and drink options. However you may bring your own non-alcoholic beverages in unopened sealed containers not exceeding 600ml, provided you present the container on entry and show that the seal is not broken.

3. Mandatory security check

All bags must be opened and presented at the entry to the event to ensure there is no alcohol, glass or other prohibited items (see below). If any prohibited items are found in your possession, or you prefer not to show us the contents of your bag(s), you will not be allowed to enter the event.

4. No BYO alchohol

Strictly no BYO Alcohol and no glass can be brought into or taken from the venue. No alcohol consumption is permitted at the airfield at all. Patrons must also observe and adhere to the local licensing laws. Anyone found in possession of and/or supplying alcohol will be evicted from the event, will lose their entry wristband, and criminal charges may result.

5. No smoking

Smoking is NOT permitted anywhere on the airfield.

6. No pets or animals

Pets or other animals are not permitted at the event due to airfield safety considerations and the council code banning animals. (Seeing eye dogs and assistance animals are allowed.)

7. Prohibited items

Anything that could cause harm is a prohibited item and is not permitted at the venue. This includes but is not limited to: bottles; weapons of any kind; gas bottles; fireworks; selfie sticks and GoPro sticks; illicit drugs; any temporary shelter; coolers (e.g. Eskies); large containers in excess of 600ml; large bags or large backpacks; sound amplification equipment; unauthorised promotional, commercial, political, religious or offensive items of whatever nature including clothing, banners, signs, symbols and leaflets or flyers; laser pointers; distress signals, whistles or loud hailers; or other items deemed or considered dangerous or capable of causing a public nuisance that could be used to distract, obstruct or interfere with any performer or other patrons’ enjoyment.

Prohibited items will be confiscated and not returned, and you may be removed from the event.

7(a). Medical exceptions

We recognise that some patrons may need to bring legal, prescription medicines or special equipment due for medical reasons. Such cases will be assessed individually on the day.

8. Enquiries

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the event organisers. 
CLICK HERE to email us with your enquiry. ( info@ )